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We all have had those lazy nights where we just can't wash our makeup off with soap and water, especially in the winters and we end up going to bed without removing it, leading to breakouts and skin damage. To make this whole process simpler and effective we have come up with the perfect solution!

WIPE ME AWAY only requires you to run it under water, to remove all the makeup and dust. It doesn't require any makeup remover or balm. Just water and one swipe and watch all your makeup come off without stripping your skin.

  • made using microfiber cloth
  • hypoallergenic
  • sensitive skin safe

STEP 1: rinse 'wipe me away' under water and squeeze any excess out
STEP 2: wipe your face to remove all the makeup from your face
STEP 3: the soft texture of the wipe will grab all the makeup, leaving your skin squeaky clean and soft 
STEP 4: once you are done removing your makeup, simply wash the towel with soap to remove all the makeup off of it and hang to dry by using the loop provided on the wipe or throw it in the washer with regular detergent and tumble dry at the lowest setting 
STEP 5: once the towel is fully dry, its ready to use again!

use for upto 200- 250 washes 


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  • sensitive skin friendly
  • machine friendly
  • made in India
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