About Us

Step Skin is a platform that aims to build a community which celebrates differences. A community where every voice, every emotion matters. Where we truly believe that each and everyone of us is unique and beautiful. 

In a world that tries to fit the concept of beauty into a box in the name of ‘beauty standards’, Step Skin encourages you to break the box and pave your own path towards self-acceptance. 

We are here to create skincare accessories that are straightforward, functional & easy to use. Accessories that will help your skincare routine be more effective and easy.

wear your skin

Our Mission

To drive a cultural shift that encourages healing, acceptance and empathy. We envision a world where we no longer feel the need to compare ourselves with others, and start to love and accept our skin the way it is. Where we finally stop chasing the idea of perfection, but believe in keeping things real, and celebrate every skin, every colour, every texture.