As the name suggests, microfiber cloths are made from very small fibers. The material is known to be hypoallergenic, has antimicrobial properties and is soft on the skin. It is also suitable for those who have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema. This fabric is skin friendly and is a great addition to ones skin care routine.

    Both our cloud cleansing cuffs and puffhead is made using this fabric. It soaks in the water for a drip free facewash and the antimicrobial property of this fabric makes it perfect for everyday use!


    Canvas is a plain-weave, heavy-duty fabric that is commonly desired for its water-resistance. This cloth prevents dust from entering and is a perfect for storing delicates.

    We have chosen this fabric for our storage/travel bag for your puffheads and cloud cleansing cuffs. It will not only keep the products safe but also will keep the dust away, leaving them fresh and ready to use!

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